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Snippets on Food: Handmade Frozen Dim Sum from Makan Nyonya

Don’t want to wait for deliveries? Or driving out to pick up your ‘tapau’? Then keep some frozen packets of Makan Nyonya’s Handmade Frozen Dim Sum in your freezer. 

The creative duo of Jason Chai Wai Foong and Kane Loo have come up with their own brand of Dim Sum which requires only 5-8 minutes of steaming and voila, you get fresh and piping hot morsels which melt in the mouth. 

Using only pork neck meat, fresh lard and fresh prawns, the ingredients are hand chopped and lovingly molded into bite-sized delicacies that can hold their own with any of the larger Dim Sum restaurants in town. The use of pork neck meat guarantees a velvety texture to the dumpling after steaming as those in the know, know that pork neck is especially tender and laced with small layers of fat.

The selection currently includes Crab Sticks and Meat Farcie Wrapped in Seaweed, Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms, Prawn Siu Mai (topped with green peas), Minced Mushroom Siu Mai, Siu Mai, Bacon-wrapped Meat Farcie and Har Gao (5 pieces). 

Crab Sticks and Meat Farcie Wrapped in Seaweed
Minced Mushroom Siu Mai
Prawn Siu Mai
Bacon-wrapped Meat Farcie
Har Gao

Selling at RM10 for 6 pieces, I recommend a few packs of these as a ‘must-have’ staple for any household, especially one with ravenous kids who crave something substantial for teatime.

The Dim Sum can be kept up to 6 months in the freezer, defrosted and steamed quickly.

Another staple for your pantry and even easier to store if you lack freezer space are their homemade dried noodles.

With choices ranging from Dried Shrimp Chilli Wonton Mee, Chilli Pan Mee and a host of other choices, these noodles are not your run-of-the-mill packet noodles. There is no wax on the noodles, the sauces are wet and not a bunch of chemical powders, and the noodles are lovely and al dente (depending on how long you cook them of course!) 

Dried Shrimp Chilli Wonton Mee
Chilli Pan Mee

One or two are a tad too sweet for my taste but my dear readers will know that I don’t enjoy anything even slightly sweet. So for Ipoh palates, they’ll be very much to your taste. RM5.50 per pack.

Call or WhatsApp Kane Loo at 017 469 1228  to find out more about the choice of flavours and place your orders. For the Dim Sum, place your orders one day in advance. 


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