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Sedap (Pork Free)

by SeeFoon Chan-Koppen When you name your restaurant Sedap, you’d better live up to your claim and your menu items had better be “Delicious” or you’re going to get loads of brickbats. Thankfully Gary Soh and his gorgeous wife Penny…

Musings on Food: Hainan Zai

Hainan Zai (HBR Cafe) Pictures by Gisele Soo Hainan Zai has moved! I first wrote a review on Hainan Zai (meaning son of person from Hainan) shortly after they opened in early 2020. Then MCO and the pandemic came and…

Musings on Food: Xibei Good

西北有面 Xibei Good  Photos and videos by Gisele Soo SeeFoon Declares her love for Lard and Lardons Have you ever pondered on what transports you back to your childhood? For some of my friends, it is songs, for others it’s…

SeeFoon Moons over Mooncake

It’s that time of the year again: mooncake time. The time when all the shops vie for the most extravagant or most unusual mooncake accolade of the season. The dough is simple enough; made of flour, oil and sugar—but it’s…