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SeeFoon Moons over Mooncake

It’s that time of the year again: mooncake time. The time when all the shops vie for the most extravagant or most unusual mooncake accolade of the season.

The dough is simple enough; made of flour, oil and sugar—but it’s the filling that sets one mooncake apart from the other. Traditional fillings are red-bean and lotus paste, salted egg yolk, preserved fruit, and mixed seeds and nuts. As well as this, the relief patterns on the moon cakes are exquisite.

This year, I had the pleasure to taste a savoury mooncake for a change. 

I was intrigued when Jason of Makan Nyonya announced on Facebook that he was preparing a savoury version. As the foodie with the ever curious palate, I immediately texted him to try this savoury version as it really piqued my interest. 

Yes, I have heard of fantastical versions in some metropolitan areas such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, where there are mooncakes filled with black truffle, caviar, and foie gras. Those are the OTT (over the top) cities anyway but in Ipoh? Which has always remained steadfastly traditional? 

But leave it to Jason who loves experimenting and I love tasting his experiments with him. Jason’s savoury mooncake is made with blanched mung beans, fried till dry with shallots and spices and salted egg yolks are added.

Lotus paste with mung bean mooncake

The resultant taste was intriguing. A medley of sweet and salty flavours burst in your mouth as your brain tries to figure out what you’re eating. Overall the taste was pleasing even though it took my brain a few seconds to adjust to the idea of a savoury mooncake. 

What I am waiting with bated breath though, is for the next creation, his savoury mooncake with sambal Hae Bee Hiam (a Hokkien name for dried prawn sambal). 

Hurry up, Jason, so I can taste it before it’s all snapped up! 

Another unusual one available for order (hurry before the festival begins as it takes one week to fulfil) is what I like to call his Monster Mooncake. This is a large mooncake with 8 (yes eight!!) salted egg yolks. Order now to get it in time. Demand for this usually peaks a week before the actual day of the Mid-Autumn festival. With the festival falling on September 21st, you’ll only have slightly more than 2 weeks to get your order in. RM88 for lotus paste with 8 yolks and RM78 for red bean paste with 8 yolks

Monster mooncake

Makan Nonya does have all the traditional fillings too. I particularly like the mixed nuts version, made with maltose and assorted nuts and pumpkin seeds. 

And of course there is the pure lotus paste mooncakes which cost a bit more, as well as the little fish which the kids love. Filled with black bean or black sesame seeds, give the kids a treat and get them a whole aquarium full!


Price list : 

Fish assorted RM1.20 each

Red bean 豆沙  RM4.50

Red bean with single yolk 豆沙单王 RM5.70

Lotus paste mix with mung bean 莲蓉 RM7.00

Lotus paste mix with mung bean single yolk 莲蓉单王 RM9.50

Lotus paste mix with mung bean double yolk  莲蓉双王 RM10.50

Pure Lotus aka white lotus RM21/- 

Pure Lotus aka white lotus single yolk RM22/- 

Pandan 翡翠 RM5.00

Pandan single yolk 翡翠单王 RM6.50

Shanghai single yolk 上海月饼 RM9.50

Assorted nuts 五仁 RM10.50 

Assorted nuts with ham 金腿 RM14.50

Green tea 绿茶 RM7

Black sesame 黑芝麻 RM7

White coffee 白咖啡 RM7


Please WhatsApp Kane Loo at 017 469 1228 to place your order. 

Postage is RM8 per 1-3kg to send anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.


Makan Nyonya Cafe

57, Laluan Tasek Timur 3, 

Pusat Perdagangan Tasek Indra 

31400 Ipoh, Perak

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