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Snippets on Food: 718 Pizza

SeeFoon Gets Roasted.

When a friend invited me recently for Sunday Roast I was expecting a slab of beef, tough as shoe leather with a bland gravy straight out of a box and titivated with some horseradish and mustard. For this was what I encountered many a time in the UK while visiting friends.

Well…. was I in for a surprise!

The roast in question was a plump chicken, resplendent in its nest of roasted potatoes, carrots and brussel sprouts, redolent with herbs sprinkled generously on the skin which was browned to perfection, drool-worthy and inviting. 

Big, beautiful, bodacious and juicy — the classic here’s-a-gorgeous roast chicken worthy of a Michelin star. Stuffed with herb-flavoured rice, every part of the chicken was juicy. Even the breast meat, which is not my favourite part. Topped with the homemade gravy,  flavors shimmering on your tongue, mellow and buttery,  this chicken is one of the best I have had in eons. This roast chicken can be ordered one day in advance and is a meal to feed at least six people. RM72. 

Golden Roast Chicken

Sylvie Yap is the proprietor and Chef behind 718 Pizza, a New York style Diner where pizza is the main attraction. They carry a cornucopia of pizzas with varying prices depending on the size of slices from  9″, 14″ and 18″. This is the New York style where you can choose one slice each from a variety of toppings and enjoy the different flavours of each. Slices from the 18 inch start at RM6.50 for the Classic Cheese, going up to RM12 for the “What the Duck” smoked duck and shiitake mushrooms (Don’t you love the name?!!) 

Whole pies are also available with the 9” feeding 1-2 people, the 14” feeding 3-4 pax and the 18” feeding 6-8 people. Prices range from RM12.50 (9”) for Classic Cheese to RM83 for Duck and Meatballs Parmesan (18”). Altogether there are 13 varieties of toppings to choose from.

They also have a “Build your own pizza” starting with a basic Classic Cheese pizza and a choice of toppings at different prices.

And that was just the Pizza menu! 

They have pies to die for—like their Chicken Pot Pie, crusty flaky melt-in-mouth pastry encasing creamy chicken and vegetables inside. Also, there is the Mushroom Pie at RM13 each, advisable to order early in case they sell out.

And then there is their lacy apple pie. Breathe in the heady fragrance of cinnamon. Linger with crumbly melting pastry, the heady aroma of lightly sugared apples redolent with cinnamon, each mouthful ambrosial. RM12 per slice. Whole apple pie 10″ is RM96 and 8″ is RM65.

Chicken Pot Pie and Mushroom Pie
Lacy Apple Pie

And the list goes on in their extensive menu. There is pasta galore, and other delectable desserts like this New York Cheesecake slices RM13 or their Brownies RM10.50. Whole New York Cheesecake is RM140. Then there is the Zeppoli, little Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar which are a delight for the sweet addicts. RM4 per portion.

Whole New York Cheesecake

I must mention one last item on their menu which I really enjoyed and that is their Barbecue Wings. These were well coated with the classic barbecue sauce, mildly tangy, and mildly sweet. RM16 for a generous portion of 6 whole wings.

Barbecue Wings

718 Pizza is currently offering a buy 3 free 1 for the following:

  • signature 9″ pizza 
  • savory pies
  • their variety of cakes


718 Pizza
6, Persiaran Greentown 8, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Business hours: 12pm-10pm, closed on Tuesday
To place your orders, Whatsapp 016 599 6037
Delivery is also available via Grabfood and foodpanda. 

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