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Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon: Red Bike Food Stand

SeeFoon gets seduced.

I have never been a fan of desserts or kuih or anything remotely sweet. 

However, when coconut comes into the equation, I can be easily seduced, especially when the sugar level is minimal. 

I was certainly seduced recently when Ann Tan, my baker friend, kept insisting that I try the Kuih Lompang/Kuih Kosui (both names apparently refer to the same thing) from her friend Goh Huei Guan. 

Having hummed, hawed and protested that I really don’t enjoy sweet things, Ann finally got exasperated and delivered a box to me and left me with the admonition, “Try it”.

So there I was staring at these multi-hued jelly-ish blobs in their boxes and wondering what to do with them. But then I spied the desiccated coconut that came with the box. 

Oh yum here we go…let me try these!

Thank you Ann, you were absolutely right. 

They were delicious. Not overly sweet…at a level that my palate could tolerate. Soft, smooth and velvety, the fresh desiccated coconut lends another layer of flavour to the individual Kuihs. 

With a choice of five flavours of Red Bean, Sweet Potato, Pandan, Black Sesame and Brown Sugar, each with its own distinctive flavour, these Kuihs are made fresh every day and sell out very fast and are definitely worth going to Bercham for. 

Each box can be mixed with your choice of flavours and bought fresh off the steamer every day. RM5 per box of 6 for the Pandan; 5 per box for the Brown Sugar; others are 6 per box at RM7.

I have tasted many different types of Kuih, some of which are hard, doughy and overly sweet but Goh’s Kuih Lompang/Kuih Kosui are certainly a cut above the rest. 

Do try.


Goh Huei Guan
Red Bike Food Stand
96, Lebuh Bercham Timur, Taman Bercham Suria, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 016-5598955
Business hours: 8.00am-2.00pm (Monday and Friday off)
Look for the Red Bike outside the shop. 

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