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Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon: Annskuche

One good thing that has come out of the pandemic (it’s important to always look for the silver lining) is the mushrooming of home chefs and bakers. Where many have been hesitant about showing their prowess hitherto, the pandemic and MCO has some of the best of them posting and sharing about their products on Facebook, and through recommendations of friends the larger community gets to hear and learn about them.

Ann Tan is one of them. Using the German term Küche which stands for “kitchen”, where some of the best breads and sourdough starters are made around the world, Ann started baking many years ago. 

Coming from a background of running a daycare business, Ann decided to bring her baked breads to the larger market in Ipoh ever since her children have flown from the nest. She also makes other baked goods (especially her yummilicious croissants made with French butter) but you, dear reader, will have to enquire individually with her about these.

Ann specializes in sourdough breads, all naturally leavened with no commercial yeast used. She has a creative range of breads to pick from, all sourdough and all leavened the true artisanal way, as indicated by the uneven holes in her products. 

Some of her breads are perfect for making sandwiches as they are not too “holey”, while others with larger holes beg to be torn off with your hands, slathered with butter or whatever you like with your bread, and eaten piece by delectable piece. 

Ann’s Basic country loaf is RM18, as are the Sourdough mixed seeds (white, black sesame, quinoa) and the Sourdough pan loaf (Hainanese or sandwich).

Sourdough turmeric, spinach, charcoal, purple sweet potatoes and carrot are RM20.

But these are not all as she sometimes curates some other amazing flavours. All orders require an advance notice of two days and all are self pick-up at Canning Garden where she bakes and lives. 

She also teaches 1-on-1 Sourdough Baking classes online. You can discuss with her for details and arrangements. 


Ann Tan
Call or WhatsApp: 012 522 2291 

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