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9’s Grill & Cafe: SeeFoon Beefs Up on Matsuzaka

Every gourmet knows Wagyu (which literally means “Japanese cow”), the famous Japanese beef that fetches prices three times higher than prime cuts from other countries. Often referred to as the “foie gras of beef,” Wagyu is exquisitely tender and has a divine…

Volcano Grill Cafe

By Jack Foo Boom! There goes the sound of your taste-buds exploding to the pervasive aroma of grilled meat whilst at the same time basking in an elegant dining experience that is second to none. You wouldn’t expect to find…

SeeFoon finds invocation to COme for MOre

The genius Leonardo da Vinci received inspiration on Lake Como, that breathtakingly beautiful part of northern Italy that also inspired writers like Goethe and Longfellow to make the name Como evocative of all that is artistic and creative. Now Ipoh…

SeeFoon Checks Out Possible Den of Iniquity

A restaurant with a name like Opëam, is bound to raise eyebrows, or it will have people queueing to check it out. Especially if it’s also housed in a bungalow behind a discreetly lit sign posted above the entrance. I had…