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Tag tandoori chicken

SeeFoon eats her way around India

What does the average non Indian person conjure up when thinking of Indian food? Curry and more curry eaten with Roti Canai or Chapati with some biryani rice thrown in for good measure. The truth is there is as much…

SeeFoon Dines like a King

No, I haven’t had a sex change but as the name Maharaj implies, this restaurant serves cuisine fit for a king. And the interior decor is equally befitting of royalty. Exuberant murals adorn the walls with scenes of the glorious…

SeeFoon Explores Punjabi Cuisine in Bercham

Musings on Food By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen I recently explored the nuances of Punjabi cuisine where I discovered its diverse range of dishes. Within the Punjab region which is now divided into Punjab Pakistan and Punjab India, there are different preferences.…