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Tag sourdough bread

All about Bread: Sourdough and Shokupan 

This article is all about bread. Sourdough bread, to be precise. In my arrogant youth, I thought I knew everything there was to be known about this important staple for ¾ of the world’s population; whether they were flat, unleavened,…

Help the Small Businesses: Suka Kafe

Pictures by Gisele Soo SeeFoon Ponders on Vegetarianism “To Be or Not to Be”, Shakespeare’s soliloquy in Hamlet poses the big question and in this case for me, the question is whether to become a vegetarian.  More and more studies…

Help the Small Businesses: Doreen Kam

SeeFoon Recommends  My dear readers may not believe this but I am a picky eater. Like I seldom eat bread. When I do, it has to be sourdough. The reasons are many. I am a borderline diabetic and I watch…

The Bread Winner

I just love Carbs. Especially bread. Who hasn’t been seduced by the smell of freshly toasted bread, slathered with a generous dollop of butter and topped with your choice of jam or whatever. However, for many years in Ipoh, I…