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Not just a Pretty Face: Leng Zai Nasi Lemak

Leng Zai Nasi Lemak *Pictures by Gisele Soo In this pandemic, the food outlets coming out ahead of the game are the ones offering one-dish meals. Or if not one dish per se, an assortment of different ingredients making up…

Help the Small Businesses: Laksa Leaf Cafe

Pictures by Gisele Soo SeeFoon Loves Laksa I am a big fan of Laksa. In all its manifestations, be it Lemak (with coconut milk), Assam (with tamarind) or as I have recently discovered, even a dry variety without soup.  All…

Help the Small Businesses: Suka Kafe

Pictures by Gisele Soo SeeFoon Ponders on Vegetarianism “To Be or Not to Be”, Shakespeare’s soliloquy in Hamlet poses the big question and in this case for me, the question is whether to become a vegetarian.  More and more studies…

Little Tiger Char Koey Teow

SeeFoon wallows in all her childhood hawker foods. Newly-opened restaurant Little Tiger is a call to the Foodies of Ipoh and beyond, that there is a restaurant that can hold its own in our highly diverse food paradise and where local palates are mercurial and extremely critical.

SeeFoon Goes Pubbing at Lunch Time

I have never been much of a pub person and if there is one pub in Ipoh that I have been to most often would be Healy Mac’s in Greentown. And the reason is not because it’s across the road from the…

SeeFoon Goes on a Warpath against MSG

I have declared war on Monosodium Glutamate or MSG for short, that ubiquitous flavour enhancer that goes by tis different brand names and hidden in soup stock powders, stock cubes, prepared sauces and even soya sauce. According to naturalnews.com, “…consumption of MSG…
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