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Khun Mae: SeeFoon Gets Confused by Fusion

With a name like Khun Mae, I was expecting a true blue Thai restaurant with authentic Thai cuisine. I did get authentic Thai cuisine but didn’t bargain for some unusual ‘fusion’. Located in the relatively new row of shop houses known…

SeeFoon Hots Up Her Life

Living in Malaysia, we are all used to spicy foods, with each type of cuisine from Malay to Indian and occasionally Chinese (as in Szechuan) varying the degree of ‘hotness’ according to the regional preference. Malay and Indian dishes are…

SeeFoon gets Thai’d up

When the taste of soya sauce becomes mundane, I find my taste buds hankering for Thai food where the medley of fish sauce, fresh lime, lemongrass and fresh cut chillies inevitably injects my jaded palate with renewed vigor and I…
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