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Musings on Food: Limestone’s Frozen Meals

You have to hand it to the F&B folks. They are so quick thinking and so fast to get on the bandwagon to get as much of their prepared meals to the public during this pandemic that before you can say abracadabra, fresh frozen meals from their kitchens are all ready to be picked up or delivered straight to your kitchen.

A recent phone call one morning from Christopher Wong, F&B head honcho at Regalodge, revealed that they are now offering frozen meals. Lo and behold, that very afternoon he shows up himself and drops off five packages for me to taste and provide my feedback.

Well, when you’re faced with five packages of food and you’re only one mouth, it takes a teensy weensy bit of time to get through all five packs—but get through I did!

The Roasted Chicken was the biggest package of the lot. The 350g of chicken was juicy and tender and the pepper sauce that came with it was full flavoured and sufficiently peppery without blowing off the roof of your mouth. This was certainly value for money at RM14.

Roasted Chicken

The next day I opened the Ayam Rendang, which was again good value at RM11 for 280g. This was tangy with strong hints of lemongrass, galangal and all the other spices. 

Ayam Masak Merah was equally tasty with similar spices in different proportions and the addition of tomato sauce at RM11 for 280g.

Ayam Rendang
Ayam Masak Merah

The Lamb Stew had carrots, onions, celery, and garbanzo beans smothered in a tasty sauce. The lamb was tender, mind you, and in big chunks, but there could have been more lamb pieces? Smaller pieces perhaps? Definitely tasty. RM19 for 160g. 

The same can be said for the Beef Stew with carrots, celery, leek, onion and tomato puree, seasoned with black pepper, thyme and dijon mustard. The sauce and taste was well rounded but instead of three chunks of beef for RM19 (160g) perhaps smaller pieces would stretch the meat more. Perhaps the same suggestion might apply? 

Lamb Stew
Beef Stew

In general I applaud the Regalodge for taking the “road less travelled” especially for a hotel restaurant like The Limestone’s which is known for its hearty cuisine. 

Keep up the good work and come up with more items on your menu for the emerging new trend in takeaways! The good point is that one doesn’t have to eat it immediately. Take it home, shove it in the freezer and eat at leisure when the mood strikes. 

All instructions for defrosting come with each packet and all that is required is to defrost for an hour and immerse the aluminum package into boiling water for 15 mins and voila, dinner or lunch is ready.


The Limestone’s Restaurant, Regalodge

Ground Floor, 131, Jalan Raja Ekram, 31350 Ipoh, Perak


For inquiries: 

Ms Sherry at 0195105925

Cik Intan at 0175917003

Ms Liew at 01163066881


DELIVERY <10km in Ipoh

1) Purchase RM100.00 & Above: 15% Discount + Delivery FREE.

2) Purchase RM200.00 & Above: 15% Discount + Any 1 item of choice FREE + Delivery FREE.

3) Purchase RM30.00 – RM100.00: <5km FREE Delivery.

4) Purchase RM30.00 – RM100.00 : <10km + Delivery RM3.00 to RM6.00


WALK-IN (self pick up)

1) Purchase RM100.00 & Above: 15% Discount

2) Purchase RM200.00 & Above: 15% Discount + Any 1 item of choice FREE.


OUT-STATION DELIVERY: Contact 011-6306 6881

1) Purchase RM100.00 & Above: FREE Packing + FREE Courier.

2) Purchase RM200.00 & Above: FREE Packing + FREE Courier + Any 1item of choice FREE

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