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SeeFoon gets Thai’d up

When the taste of soya sauce becomes mundane, I find my taste buds hankering for Thai food where the medley of fish sauce, fresh lime, lemongrass and fresh cut chillies inevitably injects my jaded palate with renewed vigor and I…

SeeFoon Explores Punjabi Cuisine in Bercham

Musings on Food By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen I recently explored the nuances of Punjabi cuisine where I discovered its diverse range of dishes. Within the Punjab region which is now divided into Punjab Pakistan and Punjab India, there are different preferences.…

SeeFoon dines in Moghul Magnificence

Musings on Food By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen It’s been a long time since Ipoh diners have had the pleasure of dining in a ‘posh’ ambiance. Outside of Indulgence on Jalan Raja DiHilir which has garnered for itself a reputation for fine…
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