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SeeFoon gets starry eyed at Star Mansion

There are so many old mansions dotted around Ipoh that would really make lovely restaurants (case in point is Indulgence, Secret Garden and STG) and the latest addition to the restaurant scene in Ipoh is no different. I have noticed…

Khun Mae: SeeFoon Gets Confused by Fusion

With a name like Khun Mae, I was expecting a true blue Thai restaurant with authentic Thai cuisine. I did get authentic Thai cuisine but didn’t bargain for some unusual ‘fusion’. Located in the relatively new row of shop houses known…

SeeFoon Goes to H(e)aven

Well it feels a bit like going to heaven (not that I have ever been and chances are, I may not make it!) what with the guard at the gate acting like St Peter (who, in the Christian tradition, guards…

SeeFoon Goes on a Warpath against MSG

I have declared war on Monosodium Glutamate or MSG for short, that ubiquitous flavour enhancer that goes by tis different brand names and hidden in soup stock powders, stock cubes, prepared sauces and even soya sauce. According to, “…consumption of MSG…